November 11 - 13, 2020, Espacio DUAM, Neuquén, Argentina

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JOG Talks - Oil and Gas Young Professional


Organized by IAPG Young Professionals Committee and Comahue specific working group.

As part of AOG Patagonia 2020, IAPG Young Professionals Committee proposes a workshop addressed to the young generation of professionals who are taking their first steps in the different areas of the oil and gas companies, as well as students in the last year of their studies.


Once again, JOG Talks reach the Patagonia to present the regional Young Professionals Committee, located in the ‘Seccional Comahue’ (Comahue branch). Planned, Organized and carried out by the new Industry Members, Young professionals take the lead once more, and conduct this activity together with renowned professionals and experts.


We will delve into the topics of great concern for the future professionals, with special focus on today’s affairs of Neuquén people.

An excellent opportunity to create networks among the new generation of energy people! Come visit us at AOG Patagonia!


Access will be free of charge to show visitors, but limited.



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